Door Installation by Swift Locksmith

Finest Door Installation Services in Toronto for Unbeatable Rates

There are many kinds of doors, both exterior and interior. All exterior doors are intended mainly to allow entry only to those we wish to allow access to, interior doors may also serve this function but more commonly are there to ensure privacy.

Doors may vary greatly from one another, they may be made of wood, steel, glass or any combination of such materials (wooden doors with steel reinforcements and shatter proof glass panes for instance). The locking mechanisms may be very different between different types of doors. There are automatically opening doors, doors on hinges or sliding doors, door handles which turn, handles which resemble levers, door chains and much, much more. Because such a wide range exists anyone wishing to provide door installation services must possess large scale knowledge and vast experience. At Swift Locksmith we have both in abundance.

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The Importance of Professional Installation

It is vital that a door be installed perfectly. One thing all doors have in common is that if they are not installed right they will soon cease to operate smoothly. Creaking, less than swift moving doors are a nuisance, not to mention a door which is hard to lock, difficult to open or one which becomes stuck. Doors must be perfectly aligned in their frames, any mechanism involved in their operation must function flawlessly. Only a highly skilled tech should be allowed to install a new door if you want to ensure that it will continue to serve its purpose without fail for many years.

Swift Locksmith will provide you with the best door installation service possible. The teams of techs we assign such jobs to possess close familiarity with all types of doors and door mechanisms, including the most sophisticated automatically opening doors. We provide our techs with state of the art tools so that they have handy absolutely anything they may need in order to do the job right.

Uncompromising Efficiency and Reliability

We are well known for our reliability. We are always true to our word, we arrive at the time we say we would and get the job done as we had promised, no surprises. With Swift Locksmith Toronto providing you with the door installation service you need, you can rest assured that you will be left with nothing less than a perfectly fitted door. We know that providing top class service is not enough, we must be able to offer unbeatable rates. This is why we have streamlined our operation and follow a strict honest billing policy.

Swift Locksmith Toronto provides comprehensive door installation services such as:

  • Residential door installation (front doors, interior doors, back doors, doors to porches, yard or garages etc.)
  • Commercial door installation (any type of exterior or interior doors, including high security doors)
  • Fire rated doors
  • Handicap door openers
  • Door alignment
  • Automatic door opener (installation, maintenance or repair)
  • Exterior door installation (any type of exterior door)
  • Maintenance and installation services for any and all types of doors

For more info on our door installation services in Toronto call (647) 794-3585